The newest Mahran offered no resistance, instead explaining which he try Akar-Deshu, a great Jedi Knight and buddy regarding Quinlan Vos

The newest Mahran offered no resistance, instead explaining which he try Akar-Deshu, a great Jedi Knight and buddy regarding Quinlan Vos

Propose to save your self Vos [ ]

On one evening, she suspected one to Vos’ assassins had been following her domestic off an effective club and therefore ambushed their stalker, very first assaulting anyone that have telekinetic Force ahead of holding brand new manage-feel assailant-an effective Mahran male-within conocer-part. Up against the commonly of Jedi Council, Desh sought out Ventress to inquire of to possess her help in retrieving Vos once more. In the event she try wary about the fresh new Jedi Order and you may embittered facing this new Council due to their earlier efforts to hack her as a result of Vos, she accessible to boost the Mahran shortly after taking inventory of the ridiculous condition regarding their particular lives in recent months.

Ventress used Desh to your Jedi Forehead, in which he presented their particular to Obi-Wan Kenobi and you can Anakin Skywalker and said he had recruited the brand new Nightsister to assist find and you will get well Learn Vos. No matter if Skywalker nonetheless kept strong anger getting Ventress, Kenobi try sympathetic to their unique relationship with Vos and you can agreed to take their own until the Council which have warranty one no reprisal manage become introduced to have their unique prior crimes. The fresh new four of these arrived in the latest Large Council Chamber during an event anywhere between Jedi Experts Yoda, Mace Windu, Ki-Adi-Mundi, Shaak Ti, and you can Plo Koon. The five councilors were surprised by the Ventress’ physical appearance and all sorts of however, Yoda easily flower and you may attained because of their lightsabers. Windu held version of animus into the previous Separatist and you may stated his intends to arrest their own at that moment, but was stopped off doing this by Kenobi and you will Yoda.

The Jedi agreed to tune in to their particular away and you may first started thinking their own connection with Vos and you can just what she had launched your to help you in preparing for the sample for the Dooku’s lives. Ventress accepted to having started Vos’ partner but declined you to definitely she taught your the methods of one’s ebony top; rather, she got meant to instruct your only inside mentioned usage of the latest dark front so you can prevent Dooku’s very own benefits, but ultimately pushed him farther than simply meant hoping from most readily useful securing him. Just after charging you that the Jedi was in fact along with complicit from inside the Vos’ slide, she informed me you to she nevertheless looked after the guy but even their particular fascination with him would never entice her so you can rejoin the ebony top.

Within the a close-home fulfilling shortly after Ventress’ interrogation, brand new Council contended their unique role in their most recent crisis. Whether or not several people in the newest Council nevertheless did not trust brand new Dathomirian, their unique testimony confident Yoda and you will Kenobi out-of their particular legitimate affection to possess Vos and wish to select him stored. Within his potential due to the fact Huge Master of your Purchase, Yoda registered Kenobi to lead Ventress and you will Skywalker towards a goal to recapture and you will receive Quinlan Vos. Just as they concluded their appointment, this new Council received an intelligence communique out-of Admiral Wullf Yularen, have been record Dooku and you may Vos and you will learned that “Admiral Enigma” is presumably into the a great Providence-group Dreadnought en route in order to assault Taris regarding the Outer Rim Regions. Employing apparent target area set, Kenobi requested Ventress to join your to the objective. Regardless if she had been hesitant to functions alongside the Jedi into the one certified capability, she consented once Yoda offered their own a complete pardon having their conflict criminal activities in return for her services to recuperate Vos.

Rescue regarding their mate [ ]

Ventress, Kenobi, and you will Skywalker left Coruscant on board this new Banshee and you will intercepted the latest Confederacy’s fleet. To your ship’s strong cloaking unit activated, the 3 been able to browse through the Separatist armada and you will have fun with Ventress’ expertise in Separatist security requirements to help you end up in the hangar off Dooku’s Providence-class Dreadnought. Ventress, which have acquainted herself with the boat throughout their particular day under the number, directed the latest Jedi through the watercraft to the bridge, where they expected to select Vos. The 3 attained the newest bridge without having to be detected but was basically amazed to get Dooku and not “Admiral Enigma” in control of the fresh new dreadnought. Kenobi and you will Skywalker instantly assaulted the new HK-naiset Sith Lord along with his competition droid guards, but Ventress remained purchased looking Vos. Shortly after failing woefully to to obtain your elsewhere with the connection, she protected Kenobi regarding battle droid crooks due to the fact Jedi Learn looked brand new warship’s data logs to track down their lost pal. He learned that Vos was still being held prisoner regarding brig, top him and you can Ventress to believe that he had hardly ever really entered Dooku.


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