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bookkeeping for a restaurant

Restaurant accounting software includes financial software and point of sale (POS) systems. These programs are designed to help you organize your inventory counts and transactions quickly and accurately. This needs to be set up to include assets, owner’s equity, liabilities, expenses, and revenue. From there, this report gets broken down into even more categories, including inventory and marketing.

Once you can anticipate your busy times, you can schedule your staff members accordingly. Point of sale systems are computerized systems that record orders and process payment transactions. These systems are ideal for cash management, processing receipts, running sales reports, and tracking inventory, methods of payment, and labor costs. Bookkeeper360 Review 2023: Pricing, Features & More When choosing a point of sale system, just make sure it ties in and seamlessly integrates with your accounting software. A POS system really is a life saver in restaurant accounting because it allows you to see data in real time. As a restaurant owner, paying your staff on time and correctly is one of your key responsibilities.

Profit & Loss Statements

By performing these tasks, restaurant accountants or bookkeepers should be able to offer advice on reducing food and overhead costs so that the restaurant can make the most out of its profit margin. Restaurant accounting software can help you to manage your books and records yourself. Going with the right software may even help you save money in the long run.

  • If you create new items in your POS then Shogo will automatically detect this and email you to update your accounting mapping with the proper QBO category.
  • When you have all of these reports, it makes it easier to predict future sales, create budgets, track transactions, identify financial problems, and monitor changing costs.
  • Accrual accounting records financial transactions as they happen, whether you have received payment or not.
  • Calculating and tracking food and labor costs empowers you to optimize menu prices, manage inventory efficiently, and make well-informed staffing decisions.
  • At CJCPA, we understand the complexity of the food and beverage industry, its operations, and management aspects.

If you incorrectly file your payroll taxes or file them late, the penalties and interest you will be assessed can be quite large. Utilizing one of the many restaurant accounting software options available will allow your business to better streamline its finances. It is better to enter the bills as soon as you receive them to make sure that nothing is lost. It would be a wise decision to pick a day in the week to review and pay your bills. If you are cutting checks for your bills you want to make sure to print checks from QuickBooks. This will automatically feed the payment information into your QuickBooks file, thus reducing unnecessary data entry.

How to Keep Track of Inventory in a Restaurant

Now you can type in profit and loss or find it under the business overview section. You can then upload your invoices to to allow your accountant to code them properly. Now that you have Shogo connected to your POS, it’s time to plug it into QuickBooks Online, or your preferred accounting system. So, for this example, we’ll utilize Toast, although the setup process will more than likely be similar or the exact same for the rest of the systems.

Any account that gets a statement with a beginning and ending balance can be reconciled, including bank accounts, credit cards, loans, lines of credit and payroll liabilities. Keeping track of your revenue is equally important as knowing your expenses. Have accounting records on hand to show how much you earn from food sales, merchandise sales or catering jobs. Revenue reports display total expected revenue for a period and how the revenue is split between food and drink. You can use revenue reports as a financial projection tool to anticipate how much revenue you’ll generate in the future. While long-term trend analysis is important, you should also pull revenue reports on a daily and weekly basis.


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